music i like!

it's a question that comes up so often and i always panic and don't know what to say.

also i'm so aware this is gonna sound so pretentious. sorry xxx

i describe my music as nu-folk. i'm not the first person to have used that term. but it's not in common parlance so i'm going to steal it and use it for what i like.

what do i like?

quite a lot of stuff


i listen to music a lot i love music so much. some standard genres stuff falls into:


i've decided to start calling my preferred genre of music nu-folk, which i think gives at least some sense of what i like, if not entirely accurately, or helpfully. according to wikipedia, folk music has lots of definitions:

all of those suit. nu has a fairly standard definition when applied to a genre, simply meaning a fusion with other styles while keeping the spirit of the major style. nu-metal, for example, is metal with hip hop, funk, jazz, or whatever, influences.

a lot of those genres, to me, feel like evolutions of the folk process. they are very much in defiance of the mainstream (at least a lot of the artists i listen to).