solstice alpha—to begin, open the javascript console and click "begin"

solstice user guide

this is an introduction to the solstice audio programming environment

what is solstice?

fuck if i know. originally it was an idea for a live programming environment heavily inspired by oliver wittchow's nanoloop, but we moved on from there as places beyond sixteen steps sounded exciting. there was some exploration into octaves without, uh, twelve notes in them.

these days, the idea is probably to be some kind of live-programmable looping midi controller. the audio shouldn't be generated by solstice, rather it should send signals to a synthesizer which generates the audio. that's not the case. but that is the goal.

the goal is also probably to have a language on top, probably sexp-based because i like them. at the moment, solstice programming is a very unergonomic experience consisting primarily of manipulating javascript objects. fuck that.

to be honest, there's not much here at the moment. control-u or something and browse the code, it's not hard to see what's going on. easier than explaining the conceptual mess here.

end of guide